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Dena is a young widow living in a rough Atlanta neighborhood that killed her husband and is now trying to take the life of her son. When Adriel, a mysterious and injured man, shows up on her doorstep one evening, Dena is forced to face her beliefs and deal with the stranger who challenges every wall she has built up around her. She soon learns there is more beyond this world than what we see.



Yolanda T. Ross

Ivan Mbakop
Jarrett Michael Collins
Jon Avery Worrell

Akeim Sears
Burnell Williams Jr.
Summer Rain Phillips
Dedric Dec Colbert
Richard Morton

Rodricus Beaver

Kimberley T. Curtis

Ivan Mbakop

Yolanda T. Ross

Yasmein Ziyad

Ivan Mbakop

Yolanda T. Ross


Assoc. Producer


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13:56   |   Drama