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Joshua is co-producer, social media manager, graphic designer, and web
designer with Mz. Kim Productions. He co-produced and also played the
role of Detective Dave in, “53206: Milwaukee.” He was production
coordinator for the intense action thriller, “The Russian Bride,” starring
Corbin Bernsen.

Joshua also co-produced the award winning short film, “Tiff,” which is
currently on the film festival circuit. Another recent project included
co-producing, “Who’s Caring for Kara.” He was co-producer/stage manager
for the “Agape Love” stage play.
Joshua Nickel



Mz. Kim Productions has offices in Los Angeles and Milwaukee, WI.  We specialize in socially conscious projects that aim to provoke conversation, thought, and inspire people to get involved and make a positive difference in society. 


Kimberley T. Curtis

Kimberley T. Curtis (Mz Kim) has always been a believer in making a statement and has overcome any obstacles that have been in her path.   She grew up in the poorest of inner city Milwaukee, in the 53206 zip code where there is mass incarceration and extreme violence.  She has succeeded in giving back to her community by launching two successful companies.  Faith Family Services, Inc - a home healthcare agency which assists individuals with disabilities by caring for them in their home instead of a facility.  Harmony Social Services Child Placement Agency, Inc.- a foster child agency set up to place abused, and neglected children into the hearts, and homes of people willing to love and nurture them.  Some of her philanthropic efforts include:  creating the Talitha Cumi Fund in order to assist families affected by violence by aiding with funeral expenses;  creating a scholarship program, Margie's Legacy, which raises funds for foster girls with college aspirations. Mz Kim's tireless efforts as a champion of human rights, and active member of her community led her to receiving the National Black Administrator Award in Washington D.C. in appreciation of her commitment to making the world around her a better place.  Kim is the founder of Operation Save Milwaukee which assists victims of violence.  Mz Kim has personally assisted and paid for a multitude of victim’s funerals throughout inner city Milwaukee.  She is also a passionate filmmaker - Kimberley is a CEO, executive producer, producer, director, and writer for Mz. Kim Productions.  She is known for producing and writing “Grandma’s House” starring Loretta Devine. Recent projects include the urban drama, “53206: Milwaukee” which addresses the unrelenting inner city violence; producing the action packed thriller, “The Russian Bride” starring Corbin Bernsen.  Kimberley has co-directed short films that are currently on the festival circuit including the award winning short films ,“Tiff” and “The Last Day.” Other recent projects include producing “Who’s Caring for Kara,” and “Victus,” which are currently in post production. She was associate producer for “Bayou Caviar” starring and directed by Cuba Gooding Jr., co-stars include Famke Janssen and Richard Dreyfuss. She produced, directed, and played the role of “Ruth” in the hit stage play “Agape Love,” starring Grammy award winners Lowell Pye, Ann Nesby, along with Damita Chandler.  Kimberley is currently developing two feature films, “Letters to Mom” and “Pass the Peas.” She has a television sit-com in development called, “Colorblind.” In her most recent project, tbe heart- warming feature film, “Mary for Mayor,” she co-produced as well as played the role of Mrs. Grantham was directed by Corbin Bernsen who also starred in the film.

Stephen is a producer, director, and writer for Mz. Kim productions.  Recent projects include producing and co-writing the festival award winning, “53206: Milwaukee.” Stephen was also the acting coach for the talented cast who were mostly first time actors.  He also recently produced the action-packed thriller, “The Russian Bride” starring Corbin Bernsen.   Stephen has also delved into theater with Mz Kim Productions’ hit stage play, "Agape Love" which Stephen produced and co-directed.  He also has a series of short films that he directed which are currently on the festival circuit including “Tiff,” “The Last Day,” and “Underhanded.”  Other recent projects include co-directing “Who’s Caring for Kara” which has just completed post-production.  Stephen is currently working with Mz. Kim productions to develop two feature films, “Letters to Mom” and “Pass the Peas.”   They also have a television sit-com in development called, “Colorblind.”  Stephen’s diverse background also includes line producing and doing accounting on film productions.   Issues very close to his heart are children’s education and helping to lift up inner cities in America.  His enjoys working with Kim with her ‘Operation Save Milwaukee’ charity.  He finds time to teach an acting class on Sundays and plays in a men’s basketball league… Stephen loves tackling difficult subjects that will affect people and help to change lives.

Stephen Gregory Curtis
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