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Exec. Producer:


Written by: 

Paul D. Hannah

Kimberley T. Curtis

Paul D. Hannah

Kimberley T. Curtis


Loretta Devine, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Stephen Bishop, Coco Jones, Jaszmin Lewis, Flex Alexander, Paige Hurd, Jordan Calloway

4 out of 5 Stars

86min   |   Drama / Comedy  |  English 

Grandma's House

An impressionable teenager, Kim, has her strength tested when her parent’s toxic relationship

takes a volatile turn. She and her siblings are forced to move in with her restrictive grandmother

who’s best known for her rules and regulations. Temptations to do things she may regret are

everywhere thanks to her wild new roommate and her boyfriend. However, grandma’s devotion shines through and Kim learns the true meaning of love, faith, and family.

GRANDMA'S HOUSE     Feature Film Trailer

Grandma's House Full Trailer
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