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Dr. K.T. Zulkowski Novels & Books

Let us to introduce you to Dr. K.T. Zulkowski, a talented author and advocate for children's literature.



Dear readers,


As a renowned author and award-winning filmmaker, I have always been passionate about storytelling and education. Through these books, I aimed to combine these two passions to create an engaging and educational experience for young readers.


I believe that children have an innate sense of wonder and curiosity, and it is our responsibility to nurture and encourage these qualities. By introducing them to the wonders of God's creation through the captivating story of Grandma Margie, Zipporah, and Zion, I hope to inspire a lifelong love for learning and a deep connection to their faith.


I also wanted to emphasize the importance of family bonds and the joy of learning together. Grandma Margie's wisdom and love for her grandchildren are a reflection of the love and guidance that many of us have received from our own grandparents. It is my hope that this book will not only entertain but also strengthen the bonds between generations.


It is my sincere hope that my books will spark curiosity, nurture a sense of wonder, and instill a deep appreciation for the beauty and complexity of God's creation in the hearts of young readers.



With warmest regards,


Dr. K.T. Zulkowski



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