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highest poverty rates in the U.S. As a result, Milwaukee has been deemed the worse place for blacks to live.

Almost exclusively an all Milwaukee cast who are first time actors, “53206: Milwaukee will showcase Milwaukee talent,” said Kimberley T. Curtis, EP/Producer/Director/Writer of 53206: Milwaukee and 53206 native, “And I’m excited to show the world what is going on in our community.” All profits for the film will go to philanthropic efforts to assist communities suffering from this brutal epidemic of violence. Some of the endeavors will include, educational programs for children, rally for peace events, funding to pay expenses for burials for homicide victims, and many others.

53206: MILWAUKEE (2018)

86min   |  Urban Drama   |  English 

Kimberley T. Curtis

Stephen Gregory Curtis

Tory Lowe

Kimberley T. Curtis

Kimberley T. Curtis

Vince LeGrow

Michael Ojeda

Kimberley T. Curtis

Imani Brown

Carnelious Gill

Erick Perkins

Terrell Lewis

Dinah Williams

Paulos Hughes



Written by: 

Edited by:










Robbie, a very talented, aspiring 17 year old singer, has grown up in one of the poorest, most crime ravaged inner cities: the 53206 zip code of Milwaukee. She dreams of going to Julliard, but after her cousin’s murder she vows to stay and help her community end the violence. Her teacher’s writing assignment inspires her to imagine herself on stage singing at a sold out concert. Before she can even process pursuing her dream, she discovers her closest friend, 16 year-old Jerome, is shot and killed by a stray bullet while sitting in the comforts of his home. Robbie experiences the harshness of the extreme poverty in the 53206 when she discovers that both Jerome’s mother and her aunt are unable to pay for a funeral. Robbie urges the community to help with funeral expenses. She struggles, but her attempts are finally successful when the owner of a neighborhood grocery store agrees to pay for the funeral. Just as it seems that Robbie is making an impact and things are turning around, violence strikes the 53206 again. As funeral goers leave Jerome’s funeral, Robbie’s best friend, 16 year old JR, is shot by an unknown gunman. He survives and Robbie becomes more determined than ever to stop the violence. She creates “Save our Streets” which is an event designed to bring the entire community together to stop the violence. Unfortunately, the event has a poor turnout. At the event, JR and Robbie find out that Oscar, one of JR’s best friends, is arrested for murder. JR tries to convince her to go to Juilliard but Robbie reaffirms that she cannot leave her community at such a horrible time of violence in her city. While talking, gunshots ring out in the distance and Robbie discovers a young woman shot to death in broad daylight. Extremely distraught, she decides she is finally going to leave to go to Julliard. She finds out that just before he died, Jerome secretly filled out an application for Robbie to apply to Julliard. She was accepted. The unrelenting Robbie organizes another SOS event and this time there’s a great turnout. JR gets into a heated conversation with Oscar’s cousin who threatens JR and insists he sells drugs to clear Oscar’s debt. JR refuses. JR sings an amazing song at the event and afterward Robbie and JR talk about their futures. He agrees to go to Julliard with her.

53206: MILWAUKEE (2018)     Feature Film Trailer

Our Story

53206: Milwaukee, is based on an original story by “Mz. Kim” Kimberley T. Curtis starring local Milwaukee talent Imani Brown, Carnelious Gill, Terrell Lewis, Dinah Williams, Paulos Hughes, and Erick Perkins. The film is produced by Kimberley T. Curtis, Mz. Kim Productions, Stephen Gregory Curtis and Tory Lowe, and co-produced by Joshua Nickel. The film is inspired by true events that occur within the 53206 zip code in Milwaukee, which is one of the deadliest, most segregated cities, with drastically substandard education and

53206: Milwaukee - Trailer
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